Drinking What's Right as Rain

Drinking What's Right as Rain

We source our water from the clouds because that’s where all water starts and returns. It’s the purest, most delicious, only net-positive bottled water. We’ve got the first ever water system to use nearly every. Dang. Drop. In fact, drop-for-drop, we infuse more water into the drinking water system than any other drinking water source out there. 

That’s a big deal because in our current water system, whether it’s a groundwater or a surface water source, more than 50% of water is lost in the filtration and bottling process. Even the most innovative methods of filtering bottled water, like reverse osmosis, flushes over 2/3 of its water as waste, and it never becomes potable. 

Making the most of what we collect

We use proprietary technology to place collection sites where the purest, most abundant rain falls, and catch rain as it falls from the sky. By capturing rain before it hits the ground, we collect water in its purest form and help prevent storm runoff from urban areas. Plus, clouds are the most renewable water source on earth, and our collection process saved over 400k gallons of water last year alone. That’s enough water to hydrate 2000 people for an entire year. 

On top of that, our proprietary system ensures almost every drop of collected rain is used, making us the most efficient water bottling process on the planet. How do we make sure almost every drop gets used? You can thank our closed-loop filtration process. While others might have to dump water or send it into storm drains during filtering, our system loops it back into the process. Making this cycle means we walk away using more water than any other water system ever has. Ever. And we end up infusing 5x the amount of water to the drinking system than other sourcing and filtration methods. 


Glass bottles and cans > Plastics

It doesn’t stop there. By using planet-friendly vessels for our water, we lower the amount of plastic that makes its way into the ecosystem. In fact, in 2022, we avoided using over 7 MILLION plastic bottles, and we’re on track to save almost 50 thousand pounds of cardboard in 2023– the equivalent of over 500 trees.  

Do we have it all figured out? Not a chance. But we know that our earth cycles the same amount of water, and it’s up to us to use it gratefully and wisely. Rather than taking the share that belongs to the soil and water ecosystems, it’s time we use only what we need. We’re trying our best to do just that. Every time you take a sip of Richard’s Rainwater, you’re toasting to a net-positive future. Cheers.