The future's looking up!

The future's looking up!

Ever wonder where the purest, most refreshing water comes from? Hint: it's not from a leaky old tap or a plastic bottle. It comes straight from the sky!  

Why does our water taste so darn fresh and pure? For starters, we collect our rain at the cleanest point in nature's water cycle.  Rain is naturally pure, no need for harsh chemicals or additives.  As a result, Richard's Rainwater contains no chlorine, no PFAS, no microplastics, no nothin'.

We take sustainability to a higher-altitude.  We are obsessed with efficiency and minimizing our impact on this beautiful earth. While traditional water sources lose over 2/3 of their water during filtration and bottling, we're saving nearly every drop. Yep, we're making a splash in more ways than one!

And let's talk packaging. We're all about glass bottles and cans, which means less plastic pollution. In 2023, we skipped over 4 MILLION plastic bottles and saved almost 16 thousand pounds of cardboard. That's like giving Mother Earth a big hug!

Sure, we're not perfect, but we're trying our best to sip sustainably. Every time you crack open a bottle of Richard's Rainwater, you're not just hydrating—you're supporting a net-positive future. So here's to you, here's to us, and here's to making every sip count. Cheers!