Rainwater helps address water scarcity

Rainwater helps address water scarcity

Richard's Rainwater was recently featured in Dripping Springs News by Teresa Kendrick:


The scarcity of rainfall, the prolonged drought and ongoing population surge have central Texans worried about how to remedy the dwindling aquifers of the region. The people of Richard’s Rainwater believe they have a blueprint to solve the problems not only locally but globally.

Since 1994, Richard Heinichen — the innovator and founder of Richard’s Rainwater in Dripping Springs — has been preaching the benefits of rainwater harvesting. Instead of pulling water from the ground, he said there is plenty to be harvested from the skies. Not only is rainwater pure and free from pollutants and manmade contaminants, its collection is affordable and sustainable.

Vic Staffa, who has been with the company since its earliest days, now holds the position of minister of culture. In a recent interview he said, “Harvesting is not just sustainable and carbon neutral, it is net-positive. Thanks to our high-efficiency, near zero-waste filtration, we infuse more into the drinking water system than any other drinking water source out there and hydrate more people with every drop. We source where the most abundant rain falls, so we’re local everywhere – meaning there are fewer emissions involved with shipping it to people who need it.”

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